Saturday, November 22, 2014

Two Finishes for OPAM - Brings Total to 33

Can you believe that my LQS does not have a SINGLE dog fabric?????  I was aghast.  Not a single one could they come up with.  So I settled for the tiny paw prints sans Siamese Cats that I used for Cousin Karen's Duffel Bag.  They have cats too, so that is not a problem, and I had no more of the Siamese Cat fabric.  I will have to dig down deep and see if I have any


(Which reminds me I need to think HARD about Christmas Presents!)  But I digress.......

A friend is having a birthday party this weekend and I needed a quick but doggy gift.   Just something to wrap up in a bit of tissue paper to say Happy Birthday!

And made a quick journal cover for her.

(I wonder if I can give everyone I know a Journal for Christmas????)

(Or maybe a Tea Wallet!  )  LOL.

(A journal AND a tea wallet!)

PS--Last night I finished the Big Baby Squares for Carrie's friend's shower this weekend.  Cute fabrics and such fun quilting! 


  1. What I can't believe is you don't already gave a stack of dog fabric in your stash - astounding ! I've been thinking about Christmas presents too . Journal covers .... Hmmm don't you have a tutorial on that ? I've never done one

  2. Found it! Right there on your blog under tutorials - duh ;-)


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