Friday, December 5, 2014

A Useless Post

This will be mostly a useless post.  I am going to tease you with stuff happening in the future.

I have been tagged by an artist friend, Juana from          who is not a quilter, to participate in an Around The World Blog Hop for Artists.  But this one has a twist to it.  It is seeking to look at the uniqueness of their work.  Since it is not specifically a "quilters" blog hop, i thought it would be interesting to toss my thoughts up the flagpole and see how they unfurl.

I will post in a few days and link back to the Blog Hop Group if you are interested in looking.  I am putting the finishing touches on it.

I had a very very very very (add about 20 more of these) exciting offer today from someone who has jumped up a level in the "blog friend" category, LOL.  I can't tell you about it, or who, but fit will be revealed in the future. It is a design thing.  Oh, my....there was never a second's hesitation on that reply!

I am working on my Bonnie Hunter multitude of blocks still.

And I have to start my Quilt the Swamp entry for January.  If any of you out there are considering
entering our Swamp exhibit, no fee and just ship to me so I can bring it in to be hung, PLEASE let me know.  I will have to find the info again, we sort of just talk about it here!

Theme this year is Metamorphosis and it needs to be Swamp in some sort of way.

What else?  Oh, DiNozzo's ear is in trouble.  The Boyz were in Frank's office looking out the window and .............what????????????????  A stupid cat walked by.  A black cat at that.  You know how they are bad luck and all?  He probably wanted to see my new front door!

Pretty bad luck for DiNozzo!  In the barking frenzy that ensued, his ear was damaged and part of the fur skin part of the underside tip was denuded, per se.  There was no blood, which was pretty unusual for an ear tip.  I am used to massive amounts of blood with ears like that.  And I didn't really notice it until last night.  I thought it was odd that everyone was walking up to DiNozzo and smelling his ear tip!

So that is being taken care of.

And I just ate Tiramisu to die for!  Homemade heaven! At Zotoona's.  Amazing food.  Like when I was in the Greek Isles! 


  1. So much going on! Can't wait to hear what the design thing is all about.

  2. You are such a tease! It sounds exciting!


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