Monday, December 8, 2014

Bad Dog Day Afternoon

It was a Bad Dog Day for sure, all afternoon I was fighting with McGee.  He actually crashed into the dining room, found where I keep my Cheetos stash and ate two bags.  One at a time he snuck by me and brought them into the back yard.  And DiNozzo told on him when he refused to share. Oye!

Too bad I can't get any of his antics on tape and send it to Funniest Home Videos.  That would certainly make him more likeable today.  Oye!

There he is, hiding in the far corner of they yard after I yelled at him.  He is watching me pick up bag shards and leftover Cheetos. Oye!

I got nothing done in the way of quilting today.  I went to three places that do repairs on phones and found 1 no longer in business and two just plain closed even though their doors said they should be open.  Finally I found an open one run by a nice couple who was really sympathetic about the cracks in the screen.  Watch now, my iPad will be sold in China tomorrow and my accounts compromised by morning.  Oye!

I am going to work on my Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusions tonight.   I need to finish my #1 pieces and
work on my #2 pieces.  But first I have do draft them down to fit the #1 pieces.  Oye!

This is McGee trying to suck up with his cuteness.......but I am not buying it.


  1. He is such a cutie ... how could you possible NOT forgive him?

  2. And Cheetos are so messy with all that orange powdery coating! Dear dear McGee! He has a look of innocence. Giggle!

  3. I don't see any orange on his face. Are you sure he ate almost two bags of Cheetos? Did he get a bellyache?

  4. We have a hard time finding people that will repair big screens here. So are they fixing it?

  5. "Bad dog" used to be the biggest punishment we could dole out to our dogs. They'd hang their heads in shame. (At least, he took the orangy powdered stuff outside and didn't mess up your carpet.)


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