Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dead, Deader, Deadest

That describes my iPad.  When I dropped it on its corner, it mis-shaped the case.  Which made it impossible to make new again.  So we sent it off to the Happy iPad Land in the Sky.

And I bought a new friend. 

For almost exactly the same price as the old one two years ago, I now have something like 168 gigs where the other one had 16.  And it is smaller, thinner and lighter.

And everything transferred.  Amazing.

And I had the Care Plan Meeting for my mom just before I found out about the iPad not makking it.  Mom is stable even though she is in the land of butterflies and dreams.

The best part of the day was lunch at my favorite Indian Restaurant with friend Tracy.  I showed her the Art Quilt Maps book by Valerie Goodwin.  She and I poured through every page for two hours.

It truly is an amazing book.   Yes, it is that wonderful!  And now you have proof, a normal person loves it!

Ok, back to Bonnie Hunter pieces!


  1. Check this out for Bonnie's step 2

    Stitching circle.com

  2. Perhaps the drop and resulting death was destiny. :o) You have really scored some fabulous books!!!

  3. Seems things happen for a reason ... I have wondered about that book, too.


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