Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jersey Shore Hook Up is Off the Frame!

It is nothing like I wanted it to be.

It started as a scrap reduction idea that flopped.

Then it went to a huge circle by some mistake of math.

Then I was going to quilt circles.

And ended up with straight lines.

 Did I ever tell you I dislike square quilts?  This one is on my Ultra King Vibrating bed.

Well, all that said...............I am kinda liking it now!  And Carrie may even have said she liked it when she saw it the other day.  Maybe.  Just maybe.

 Binding will have to wait till the New Year.  Swamp project takes precedence for the moment.

 Frank says he thinks a blue binding.  Really?  What do you think?  Dark or white or light?


  1. Either the color of the background or scrappy like the circles,,,,,,,

  2. I don't really like the binding to show that much on my quilts... wobbles are less obvious. Dark if you are brave, as close to the background as you can, if you are like me.

  3. It's very graphic and modern looking. I'd go with background . Agree with terri


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