Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mod Quilt Xmas Party and the New Door

New door
Old Door
Michael just got here to finish installing the storm door.  I am stoked about the way the front door looks.  It looks elegant and beautiful!  That black looks amazing.

I took the numbers off the old door in a moment of sheer genius.  They are solid brass.  At least 30 years old now.  And would be great to use as stamps!  Pure genius!

Our Christmas Party at the Modern Guild last night was at the Louisiana Lagniappe Restaurant.  Delicious.  A bit expensive, but the food and service reflected the prices.  I had Oysters Lagniappe which was an exquisite stuffed oyster baked in the shells.  I did not indulge in the Creme Brulee that many had for dessert.  I enjoyed it vicariously!

We had a white elephant present grab and I was number 11 out of 19.  I was able to snag Tracy's fabulous solids!  She was not happy to give them up though.  My Louisiana Traveling Quilt cohort Kelly had her fat quarters stolen 5 times!  She was not happy either!
This is how it looked

This is what it held
But we all ended up with fabulous fat quarters!

Now I need something to do with them!

Now I need to get back to sewing the million and one  Bonnie Hunter Mystery deals.  

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  1. Your new front door is quite an improvement! It is beautiful! Sounds like you had a lot of fun at your party. That fabric looks like oakshott or however you spell it. The colors are fabulous! 76 days until we leave and meet for QuitlCon!


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