Monday, December 8, 2014

OMG! What did I do now????

I was taking my stack of new books out to the back patio.  I was going to sit and look and read and consume them till Frank returned from the Parade meeting.  On the way out to the patio, I dropped my iPad.  The corner of it hit the stone walkway.  And the screen shattered!

I am very upset with myself.  I think I can take it to one of those phone fix up places.  Carrie had
them replace her iPhone screen for cheap.

I do not want to buy a new iPad, nor do I want to give my beloved device up!


Oh, Books!

Frank didn't even remember his company decided several years ago to sign up the sales team up for points toward merchandise.  I guess we both thought it was cheesy stuff.  So when they announced the close of the program and he had like millions of points, we checked out the stuff.  It was like shopping on!!!

Too bad I don't have points now for a new iPad........

He bought a ton of movies, sci fi to B movies to current hits.  I got 3 or 4 kitchen appliances.  He got a blue ray player and a recorder.  I got some pots.  He got some grill stuff, I got a Cuisinart ice cream maker and that yogurt machine that keeps it cool after it finishes.  On and on til we could need no more!

He said he had 40,000 more points and nothing he wanted.  So I checked out the books, and aw quilt books!!!

I got these and used up the 40K points by rounding them off with two auto soap dispensers for my master bathroom.  I am in heaven!!!


  1. Wow - what a great shopping spree!!!

  2. Too bad about your iPad but you completely scored with those books! How fun! I get points with my credit card you need about a bazillion to get anything and they don't have any quilt books!

  3. WOW - you must have had a bazillion points! How fun to shop and use no money.
    Sorry about your iPad. They should come equipped with bumpers - like cars.

  4. So sorry about your iPad, but what a great collection of books ... many of those are on my wish list and I am green with envy ;-)

  5. Shopping with points, it sounds like utter heaven!


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