Wednesday, January 28, 2015

52 Photos - Week 37 - Wildlife

LOL.  This is so funny.  We LIVE the wild life!  Dogs everywhere.  Crazy dogs.  One that eats paper, fabric, books, towels, silk scarves destined for sale at Habitat for Humanity.  I think that qualifies as wildlife!

Here is a look at the REAL wildlife outside my window.  We live in the city and really don't have much wildlife, so the birdies have to qualify!

 This beauty visits my feeder regularly.  I thought it was a woodpecker,  but my more knowledgeable SonInLaw says it is a sapsucker.

Whatever it it, it is so beautiful.  I consider myself gifted when he visits my feeders.

 This is a juvenile cardinal male.  He is not quite finished molting his baby feathers.  I watched the parents raise these young'uns over the summer.

 This is a female baby from the nest.  I guess, nest mates.

Every year we have 4 or 5 breeding pairs make their homes in our yard.

This guy may be the most interesting.  Locust.  We have them sing in the trees at dusk every day.  Their song is what you hear when you think of the South.

This is actually just the shell, they shed several times a year as they grow into bigger and bigger clothes!


  1. You do tend to walk on the wild side
    Made me think of this song which I love

  2. Beautiful pictures! Birds are a big part of the wildlife where I live. I am in the city, but very close to a metro park so there are all kinds of wildlife except now since it is so cold they all are hidden away. The only birds I have seen lately are the crows.

  3. Cool birds! The sapsucker is striking! :)


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