Saturday, January 17, 2015

Birthday Fabulous-ness

looking thru the window
I-55 bridges
I did have a great day.  Got calls and emails from friends wishing me Happy B-day, had lunch of Chili Cheese Fries at Brewbachers, saw my two pieces in the Swamp show, got a fabric present from Carrie, AND had dinner at Middendorf's!

Here are photos.  I took some incredible photos of the sunset over Lake Maurepas at Lake Manchac. Pronounced Mau-re-pah and Man-shack for the non-Cajun among you.

Look at the contrails.
Possibly two of the best photos of my life.  I will share them later.  I want to do some prints on fabric, but wait till you see the colors!  Ohmy!

AND  I wore my lace up Ralph Laurens.  (I sound like a fashionista now, don't I!!!)

Maurepas Swamp
But I have to tell you a funny story about Carrie's gift.  (She groaned and said, I'll probably be on the blog now!)  Of course!

 She got here about 4 PM since it is an hour to Middendorf's for dinner.  And she had a huge bag and an empty glass in her hands.  She said, open your present QUICKLY! and shoved it toward me.

I took it, puzzled, not sure why it had to be QUICKLY, and took out some Ecology Cloth and two sets of fat quarters in delicious fabrics.  And they were all wet.

She had gone to the quilt shop.  Bought me some presents.  Got in her car.  Fluffed up the tissue paper and dumped her entire glass of water into the bag!

I literally poured water out of the bottom of the bag.

She said she chose the fabrics for their nature patterns because they would make great parts of maps!  I love that she did that!  I am so happy!

And her card said, We love you!  She has her moments!   

She also got a set of FQs for a baby quilt for another friend.  Lovely greens!  They aren't sure of the sex just yet and Carrie fell in love with the colors.  I did too!

Like I said, an amazing day!


  1. Sometimes our children surprise us!

  2. Happy Belated B-day! Looks like you had a great day! Middendorf's and beautiful sunsets! What more could you ask for!

  3. What a special gift , your Carrie is so thoughtful thinking of your maps . And they are prewashed already!


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