Friday, January 16, 2015

I put Mr. Roomba out to do his job.  I have to pick up the dog beds because I came home yesterday and a dog bed was rolling around the bedroom, careening headlong into furniture like a drunk......well, dog bed!  It was funny.

So today I piled the dog beds on the hearth when I turned on Mr. Roomba.  That crazy McGee!  He is chewing on one of the three bones (that appear to me to be identical) but everyone only wants THAT one.

I need a great name for the bookcase quilt.  I have a great list of phrases and words that catch my fancy.  When I need a great name for a quilt I head for that list.  Sometimes just go through the list and let the words and names roll off my tongue.

One of my favorites (I am not saying it here because I am jealously guarding it for my own!) just hasn't found its quilt yet.  But I am sure it will. 

I am thinking that since the quilt is a bookshelf, and books are sometimes considered reference books (before computers that is), and we don't know what these books are exactly, I think "UnReferenced" is a great title!

What do you think?

I am off to buy my birthday present!  Frank is taking me to a secret place to get something my heart desires!

I will take pictures!


  1. Reality is stranger than fiction. (My idea for your bookcase quilt name.) Over at Fandom In Stitches we are making a bookcase of Harry Potter books and other things you might find on a bookcase. It's all easy paper piecing 10" blocks. If you want to check it out, the link is in my list of blogs I follow.
    You could add the names of your favorite books with embroidery or Pigma pen.

  2. Happy birthday! I like your title but like Terri's even better. And you should put titles on even if it's with pigma pen. It's a great quilt. You will have fun quilting it too.


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