Monday, January 12, 2015

Of Course, What Else Would It Be?

We have been married for 43 years.  I pretty much understand my husband.  He has no clue about me, but I digress there.

He comes to me at 10 minutes to 11 on Sunday and puts his arms around me, hugs me to his warmth and says, where do you want to go for lunch today? 

I say, I have a coupon for Rotolo's for a free pizza. 

He says, wonderful.

Then he unwraps his arms and heads down the hallway, saying I am going to blow for a few minutes.

I nod.  He disappears around the corner and outside.

All of a sudden he reappears and says, you know I am going to blow leaves, don't you? 

After 43 years of marriage, what else would I have thought?


  1. Giggle ... We celebrate 40 in May 😊

  2. great example of marital shorthand!

  3. But I thought YOU were 43". Happy Anniversary.

    He had me wondering what he was going to

  4. A great sense of humor on both your parts is what keeps it together. You are lucky ;-)


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