Friday, January 2, 2015

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

I must be feeling better with this cold thing because all of a sudden I  can see 15 ways to join in with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I feel like I have too long sat on the side lines and watched others have fun and create those wonderfully smart blocks that I do so admire.

I want to be the one who creates those wonderfully smart blocks so everyone will admire me and my ability to sew down all the scraps in my quilt room in just under one year!  I want to  be that icon that everyone aspires to become.  I want to be that person who has walked where no woman (or man) has walked before, in the cluttered spaces of my overstuffed quilt room!

I spent the day looking for just the prefect quilt block that will take me through the year, in rainbow delighted-ness and will still be the perfect block in December when I am STILL working on the sparkly rainbow goodness.  

I have narrowed it down to 15 block.  I think i can do 15 blocks in a month.  Ok, you may be right, I will narrow it down some more.

How about 8?  More?

Ok, Ok.  2.  No, 3.  I just have to have 3........pleeeeeeease?

A fox.  Gotta jump on the fox bandwagon.

A tree.  Love love love my modern trees.  Maybe it is more like modern chopsticks......

And a "asterich" as my co-worker from long ago would call it.  "Put a asterich there and we can go to press with."

And just to prove to Frank I have not been just laying around doing nothing all day, I pushed the button on the Roomba and vacuumed the den.



  1. Oh! I do love those chopsticks! What is the rainbow scrap project?

  2. Hope you do join . . . (and 15 a month is too many - really!)

  3. I think you've proven enough to Frank! Don't overdo, please, you'll make yourself sick all over again. (Someone needs to invent a Roomba that dusts.)
    School tomorrow or I'd visit longer. Have fun with some "asteriches."


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