Monday, January 26, 2015

This Is a Test

This is the first test of the insurance in 2015.  I have an ultrasound every year before I see my general surgeon, Kenny.  I babysat him years ago......

My brother had thyroid cancer a couple years ago and they found similar things in mine.  However, they are not cancer. And it is working perfectly well, we just make sure no changes have occurred.

thyroid-diagram.jpg - istockphotoI generally go to the Imaging Center and pay anywhere from $90 to $400 for the same test in the same place once a year.  So  with the new rules in the same insurance, I talked to the insurance company this morning.  And they can't tell me how much I will have to pay.  They said they have a contracted price, but the center has to do the service, not charge me anything, bill the insurance, THEN collect the difference from me.  Which no  one knows what it will be.

This does not sound easy.

Then I go to my surgeon's page on my insurance, they say my portion now is $71.  It was a $50 co-pay before. Geez.  I have that appointment next week.

So before I complain (too much!) I will see what they are going to charge me today.  I cannot imagine them not asking me for money and just seeing how much the insurance will pay.  I am pretty sure, even though the insurance compay ASSURED me just this moning that I would not have to pay anything!

The changes in the insurance we have had for 26 years now are so indescribable.  I say that because they really can't describe what they will do.   Frank's company is self insured but they have Cigna administrating it.  They made changes according to the changes in the Obamacare laws.  I am here to say, it is not a good thing for us.

In addition to that, this is considered a "Cadillac" plan and we are being taxed 40% of the value of the insurance.  Talk about a redistribution of wealth.  Get your education, get a good job, move up in the company and make a decent living.......then share it with those who didn't work as hard.

And yes, it got more expensive for the premiums as well.

We shall see.


  1. Good luck with the ultrasound and the insurance company - totally agree with you - those who work are being penalized for their effort while those who don't work get rewarded for their bad behavior -- drives me nuts.

  2. Change is not always a good thing. . . and I didn't vote for him. Maybe what we need is a change back to reasonable insurance.

  3. My work changed to Cigna last year also . Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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