Wednesday, February 11, 2015

52 Photos - Fragrant - Smells Heavenly Week 41

My week will be ruled by things I MUST do!

Last night I put together another quilt for the wedding boys.  This time a very modern, very bright Dr. Seuss.  I will show that later when I can get the batteries charged on the camera, I really don't like phone photos!

As many of you know, I love to cook.  I grew up in New Orleans.  In Southern Louisiana there are so many wonderful  things that can go into  a pot.  Louisiana is an amazing place to eat.  Those who hate the South have never taken a Food Journey here.  You would never leave if you did. Open yourself to the spices, the ingredients, the love that goes into a dish.  You will never want to live anywhere else!

I have taken a lot of classes from some top notch chefs over the years.  I have a ribs recipe that makes grown men cry!  My Italian heritage gave  me the bone structure to handle the fact that I do eat what I cook.  Well, sort of handle it!  My vision of myself in my head is quite different from the one in the mirror

Often times, Frank comes home from a hard day on the road eating lunch with his customers, and breathes in the wonderful smells the fill the house.  It must be a really tough thing to be a BASSET HOUND in my house!  Poor guys, they must think I am the ultimate torture expert, they never get table food!  Although they do try!


I  cook.  And it smells heavenly!

 I make bread, and it always smells so wonderful when it is baking.
 OMG Gumbo!  A great fragrant pot that will simmer all afternoon and I can quilt without guilt!
 I always begin with the Holy Trinity - onions, celery and bell peppers.  I always add garlic as well.  From there I decide what to cook!  If you add meat of some sort and a few spices you will have any number of wonderful dinners.
 Yes, I make my own Won Ton for the soup of the same name.  They are made like little nurses' hats.
 We are so lucky here in Louisiana.  Not only do we have fresh seafood everywhere, we have the most amazing strawberries grown just down the road in Pontchatoula.  They are HUGE.
 Some of that dough goes to make Calzones!  Gotta be true to my Italian heritage as well!

Okra, ham seasoning and tomatoes.  Side dish or gumbo.
Oyster Artichoke Soup.  One of my favorite things in the world!

Can you smell all my wonderful things?


  1. forget the bassets, you've made me drool. My best friend in high school went to Charity school of nursing. I visited her about twice a year for a N.O. bash. I fondly remember the food. LEeAnna

  2. Yes, please!!! I can sit here looking at the photos and imagine all the wonderful aromassssss.....:)

  3. Holy smokes! I am really hungry now:) And I've been craving calzone too.


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