Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Louisiana Traveling Quilt

The LA Traveling Quilts are coming home!  Mr. Pat received his and I received mine!  Kelly is waiting on hers to arrive and she has one block to finish before sending off the one she is working on.  Soon all the quilts will be home.

Would I do this again?  You bet!  This project gave us all the opportunity to stretch ourselves.  It stimulated the ability to design a quilt section to fit in with the piece in front of us, which could be outside your comfort zone.

For those who are uninitiated in the Louisiana Traveling Quilt Saga here is the story.  Ramona of the (Northeast Louisiana) NELa Modern Quilt Guild put out a call to the modern guilds in Louisiana asking if anyone was interested in working on a quilt  for themselves that would travel the state.  At each stop, a section would be added. The quilt owner would set a theme which was to guide the participants in making their section. 

Ten of us joined in the fun.  I started my quilt off with a stack of paperpieced houses and trees.  The pieces and parts came together through the hands of my new friends from all over the state and the Virginias.

Ms. Pat in Fredericksburg, WV
Mr. Pat in Baton Rouge, LA
Ramona in West Monroe, LA
Kelly in Baton Rouge, LA
Carlie in Haughton, LA
Becky in  Collins, VA
Marie in Monroe, LA
Mary in Evergreen, LA
Marty in Monroe, LA

I, in turn, worked on all those other quilts as well!

It was fun and exciting, challenging and thought provoking and above all.........totally amazing!

Here is my quilt  ---  Isn't it just amazing?  Thanks ladies and gentlemen!


  1. Wow! Of love it! It must be hung in a place on honor high enough to be away from McGee though. How to quilt it? Stitch in the ditch? It really is wonderful.


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