Monday, February 2, 2015

Nutria Day in South Louisiana

Pierre C. Shadeaux (Don't forget to look at my retreat photos from yesterday's post.)

Well, no self respecting Cajun would listen to a groundhog, but Pierre the Nutria says we will not have 6 more weeks of Yankee winter!

Pierre C. Shadeaux predicts a long and wonderful Louisiana Spring.  It was quite foggy when he woke up this morning!

My cousin and her hubby are visiting from Illinois and flying back to Chicago today.  Maybe.  Her neighbor told them there was 10 feet of snow in their driveway after the snow plow came through.  Give me hurricanes any day!  LOL. 

Her daughters are the smart ones, one lives in Florida, the other in Hawaii.  Go figure.

I enjoyed seeing them.   People kept stopping by our table and marveling at the fact we all look so much alike!  One face, yep, our family has just one face! Karen hopefully will send me the picture Jim took.

While I was at the retreat, I received my Louisiana Traveling Quilt!  I was so excited I tore into the box before I even got halfway in the door!  I have to show it at the Modern guild tonight so I will show some photos tomorrow.

I hope the other two participants (Pat and Kelly) got theirs and we can exude love for our fabulous quilts!  And make eeryone else jealous!  You know they will be!


  1. I can barely stand the waiting for my La Traveling Quilt to arrive! Pictures, pictures!

  2. Can't wait to see! The woodchuck here never came out! It was -21 windchill blizzard conditions. Had to throw the dogs out to do business , poor things . I need to retire and become a snowbird .

  3. Shadeaux! lol!
    Now I must go dig around your site to know what a LA traveling quilt is!
    It's cold here, down to "feels like" one degree last night when we walked Cole. The wind was the big news item. Cole could hardly walk in it, and he was laughing and prancing. I wasn't laughing. LeeAnna

  4. In Ohio we have Buckeye Chuck. Wherever the groundhog, whatever his name, more winter makes me want to cook up some groundhog stew. :o) I'll take my cold and dusting of snow over 10' any day. :o)

  5. I didn't know we had a Buckeye Chuck - thanks Stephanie! This morning one of the fellow told me he heard February is going to be cold and snowy. Duh! We are in NE Ohio! Of course it is going to be cold and snowy! At least I will get a reprieve for a few days in Austin!


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