Thursday, February 12, 2015

Seuss is Quilted

So there, traditional quilters, it all worked out ....flat even!

Seuss 3 is quilted.  And not one ruler was used.

Well, when I trimmed the edges to sew the two strips on the edges I used a long ruler as a straight edge.  But not for measuring.

I think it is about 52 or 53 square.  I am thinking the remaining strips will be the binding.

I like it.  I think a boy will like it as well!

NOTE:  darn....I should have shown you the back!  I will post a pic when I get home.


  1. Well, aren't you being a bit sassy to the traditionalists? A Suess book fanatic, I do love this fabric! And since it all worked out so well and flat, I suppose that a little sass is okay. After all, it was without rulers....which I would NEVER attempt. I cannot cut a straight line! Your quilt is adorable, and some little boy is going to read Dr. Suess books cuddled under a Dr. Suess quilt and love both!

  2. LOVE IT! The way the colors are sprinkled around - the colors just dance!


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