Friday, March 27, 2015

52 Photos week 47 - Liquid and Laughter

Oh boy, getting close to the end of the 52 weeks.  And Instagram....oh, boy.  I just don't see how this will be better on Instagram.  No stories, no blog readers.  Oh, well.  And how would I get a photo from my computer on to Instagram??????  More questions to research.


Mostly wet.  I think of cool when I think of liquid, but I know it could be hot.  Like lava, oh, and coffee or tea.  Hot Chai Latte is a love of mine.

Ohhhhhhh.........chocolate, molten chocolate cake.......yes.  Oh, I don't have any, I was just dreaming  out loud!

Here is my liquidy offering.  A cake.  Yes a cake.

It was for Frank's Surprise 60th Birthday Party and  had the cake made with a photo we took at a Lake in Yosemite Nat'l Park (I think that is where it was.)

I am still amazed that they put that photo on  the cake!  That lady ust have been a magician!

the writing is something I could have done, but at least she didn't put

Happy Birthday Under neat Frank!

10 Hilarious Cake Failscake-fails-3From "Cake Fails"


  1. As much as I like Instagram I don't think it a good platform for the 52 photos because like you say - you can't add a good story or a photo from your camera. It's ok if all you're doing is sharing phone photos but .......

  2. Valid Victorian!! LOL! I will drag that one out again you can be sure!


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