Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Question, A Quilt and My Stash Report in the Red

Question:  OK, all you smart quilters out there.

How do you get the gunk out of the Velcro on the take up bar of the long arm frame?  toothbrush is too soft.  Picking it out with my fingernails is near to impossible.

So.......How to do it?

I have now finished all 5 Colorado Boy quilts.  I need to put the binding on
the last one!  And they
MUST get mailed off tomorrow!  No choice!  Gotta go!

I quilted it using a larger version of a Jamie Wallen's (Quilter's Apothecary) swirl he showed on a YouTube video.  (Click Here for the Video)
I practiced it for an hour or so in a sketch book with a mechanical pencil.  I wanted something different from the regular loops or the square of the Skateboard Quilts  It was fun to do.

If I had it to do over I would make the lines closer together.   But it turned out well and I like the swirls juxtaposed on the squares of the quilt.

I want to do an orange binding!

Stash Report  (Don't do the mat I rounded up)

Used this week -0.33 Used this month 19.25 Used this year -52
Bought this week 0 Bought this month 0 Bought this year 28
Plus or minus -0.33 Plus or minus 19.25 Plus or minus -24

I am in the red!!!!!

For those who wonder about being in the red, in accounting when you have minus numbers they are always red.  That is to show a deficit condition.  That means you are putting out more money then  you are taking in.  And when you use more fabric than you buy, you are in a deficit condition! 

Fabric is money!

RED is good here though!


  1. Would a hair comb or a metal bristle dog brush work?

    Great job on the stash busting!

  2. Maybe try a lint roller or duct tape? I love a good swirl design - going now to check out the video - thank you for the link

  3. I wonder if giving away mounds of fabric is considered "in the red" if I"m not buying any as well. :o) Orange binding will look awesome on this quilt.

  4. I have no answer for the Velcro question. Congratulations for getting the last quilt quilted! Your wrist must be feeling better! How black and blue were you? Sometimes it takes a couple of days to see the result of the impact! Hope you are on the mend!


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