Saturday, March 28, 2015

Blue Cupcakes and the Easter Bunny at the Dog Park

Well, i got there late and missed the egg hunt.  But we got our photos taken with the Easter Bunny.

This is funny.  I brought my cupcakes.  When we were ready to leave they had  gotten $1 for each one in record time.  Everyone was raving a out the cupcakes.  They are so good I have never tasted anything like that, so different!  Well, it was a betty crocker cake mix called Blue Velvet.  but if you read closely it says "Vanilla cake with blue food coloring"!  Just plain old cake!  LOL

Here are some shots from the dog park.  I don't generally let my dogs go to the dog park.  Too many diseases they can catch from other dogs, ticks, fleas etc. 

Bad Ass Bunny
And DiNozzo runs like a maniac and chases everything on 4 legs to the point of obnoxious-ness.  I kept him on lead.  Last time I took him it required 18 people and took 45 minutes to catch him.  And he had worn his pads down to bare bloody skin.

McGee did get let off lead and was very uncertain.  It was his first time in such an arena.  But after 10 minutes or so, he began to branch out and bebopped around by himself.  He was out in the field for maybe 15 minutes and he looks up and sees 3 people sitting at the picnic table.  He flew in so fast he was like a white streak across the yard!

He was totally disappointed to find they were not eating anything!  LOL


  1. I love the tattooed bunny! Bless those volunteers :-) looks like the boys were keeping people entertained as well

  2. the big bunny didn't freak them out? Kinda freaked me out... lol

  3. Love the McGee story! He sounds like our takes her a while to get brave but when she thinks there's food--WOW! I agree, those bunny costumes are freaky. lol I can barely handle them.

  4. Thanks for the laugh today about McGee and his fruitless picnic table. Sounds like a fun day for everyone!


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