Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lutrador, Hexies an Rust

Remember that house that burned down just before Christmas??  Well, they finally began tearing it down today.  At about 8 pm there was all kinds of comotion with police, ambulances and fire trucks.  Flashing lights, sirens, all sorts of people.  I have no idea what happened.  When we walked the dogs we saw an Entergy truck  there, so I am thinking the house was still electrified.  hope no one was hurt.

I am linking this post up to Nina Marie's Off the Wall post.  there are a lot of other talented people showing there as well!

I was a busy bee tonight and this afternoon. 

I painted up some Lutrador.  With some Rose Tsukineco Ink.

And hung it out to dry.

Pale color that will most likely lighten as it dries.   But  there is no limit to the number of coats!

 I made a small  stack of hexies!  I made a bunch of templates out o a couple sheets of cardstock.  Fran was nice and he punched out a hole in the center of each one while he watched TV.

 One is a cat
one is a pretty coral color 
 and one is purple and teal.

I found this fabulous saw at a resale shop for $5.  I thought I would give it to Frank as an old tool, but he wanted to de-rust it.

So I decided to keep it for myself!

And it is resting nicely, steeped in vinegar and wrapped in Ecology Cloth.

A much better future is planned for it!


  1. I think when I first met you you were stealing rust off heavy equipment. Nwas that you?? Lol


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