Thursday, April 16, 2015

Patterns Piece Revisited

I was surpriied at the reception the piece recieved from my group.  They had several suggestions, most similar to the ones y'all have had.  Including PattyA's "cut it up"!

View blogOne person said she actually liked the center part, with the tsukinecko inks I disliked so much.  Several suggested that I add more of the floating bits of jetsam, and I think I will move toward Charlene's suggestion of just taking off the rest of the shells and rocks.  It may not have been a representation
of a beach after all!

I am going to put it aside for right now, there are so many things I need to be working on that I actually LIKE!

When Patty A said, cut it up, that made me think that it might be a part of a larger whole!

Right now I am thinking about our next challenge, Monochromatic. 

Got that Tracy?

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  1. Yeah, I sounded so brave by telling you to cut it up! Heck I have never done that myself, but I will remember this and will have to consider that a solution if I get stuck on a project.


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