Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pillows - A Chip Off the Old Block

Daughter Carrie is a pretty good seamstress.  She doesn't sew a lot, due to time constraints with her wonderful architectural design job, but I think she likes to sew.

You remember the new house, yeah, all that time living with the in-laws back and forth!  Whew!  We are all glad that is over for them.....and us.

She is slowly getting some projects done, and one of them is to make cushions and pillows for the kitchen seating area.  I was a bit hurt that she didn't ask me to help, but you know how kids are these days!

And she did a great job, check them out.  Isn't it wonderful to have that much space in a kitchen?  The table is  porcelain work table from her father-in-law's father's house.  The chairs were rescued from the trash heap at her office when they moved into new digs. 

She even made the cushions! 

I am so proud of her, and how she took what I taught her years ago and made it work for her.

A regular chip off the old block, I'd say!


  1. They look great ! Colors very calming and cool. Talented and beautiful just like her mom :-)

  2. I love them! They are calming, yes, but fresh and modern at the same time. Definitely a talented chip!

  3. wow, it is great to have a parent say the words, I'm so proud of you. Leeanna


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