Sunday, May 31, 2015

35 Birthday Celebration and my Stash Report 5-31-15

Tomorrow we start a new month so I guess it is fitting that i get to  declare my purchase this week in the "old" month where it won't taunt me for the entire month of June!

Yes, we had a 35th birthday celebration!  Me? I wish......

CAAWS turned 35 in April, but the day was rained out and this was our alternate day. 

We shared the Raising Cane's Dog Park with Raising Cane's fabulous lemonade and sweet tea with lots of ice -- because it was the only day in months to hit 91 degrees!

We shared the day with BREC's Family Fitness Day and rubbed elbows with the Mayor-President Kip Holden. 

 We had CAAWS dogs who found great and loving homes like Louie the Chocolate Pomeranian.  We had costumes like the Rainbow Tutu. 

We had games.

 We  had birthday cake

And we had PRINCESSES!

Stash Report!  Still in the red!  Yes!  But I can do better!

Used this week -0.33 Used this month -21 Used this year -76
Bought this week 13.00 Bought this month 20.5 Bought this year 54.25
Plus or minus 12.67 Plus or minus -0.5 Plus or minus -21.75

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