Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Towel Rack?

It is pouring rain, cats and dogs!  It is raining so hard that the gutters are overflowing!  I hope all my Dallas friends are high and dry.  We get their weather systems the day after they do.  Ray, do you know how to paddle?

We have always said this is a weird place for a towel hanger.  It is directly over the wall outlet.  Or better yet, it is a weird place for a wall outlet.  But I am not moving that!

When Carrie was little we plugged the holes with those baby proof things because we thought any water dripping into the socket might electrocute her.  We wanted to make sure she didn't kill herself on our watch.  It is the only thing really, about the house I dislike.

I need to rehang the towel holder, somewhere.  So I am considering ways to deal with the placement oddity.  I guess I need to get more plugs for the holes.

Hmmmmm......I am at McDonald's and there is a bomb sniffing dog here.  Just my luck to be in the only Mickey D's in the country to need a bomb sniffer.......

I also thought the suggestions about the toilet paper were pretty smart.  I am going to test the theory that McGee only goes into the bathroom for the toilet paper by putting it up on the window sill and leaving the gate open for a week.  If it works, I will happily hang the holder at eye level and let the next owners wonder!


  1. Want Ray to paddle over and move that outlet? :D

  2. oh I remember those rains in Baton Rouge - real frog drowners ! One morning we were out of kitty litter, and the kitty, who was normally an indoor/outdoor kitty, just would NOT go outside in the downpour... but she obviously just HAD to go..... she was practically jumping up and down. So I sat her out on the porch steps and said, when you have to go bad enough, you'll go out in the rain... but my DH told her he would go get her some litter, and off he went in the pouring rain... don't you know she sat on that step and waited for him to go to Albertson's by the University, get litter, and come home. Then she came back in, watched him open the litter and fill the box, and then jumped in... !!!! and she was dry, and he was drowned wet !!!! It's a very sweet memory of Louisiana.

    1. The things we do for our fur babies!

  3. at least he's short... Cole went into the powder room and ate the better part of a new roll. He bought himself baby gating into a front room when we leave the house. Leeanna

  4. We have had some rain, but nothing like in Texas. I don't know who the person was that decided TP holders need to be hung so freakin' low. I hate going in a public restroom and the darn TP dispense is so low you have to bend over to reach into the bottom of the darn thing. I was somewhere recently that the TP unit was hung above the safety bars - yeah! Perfect placement. When I remodeled my bathrooms I sat on the toilet and then decided the placement for the TP holder. Let's just say mine are not next to the floor!

  5. The water is getting pretty deep here in central La. The bayous are filled to capacity and the news keeps telling people not to let children play near the rivers.

    I like Patty's idea of sitting on the toilet to determine the placement of the holder: now that makes sense! One of our Maltese puppies is the main reason that the bathroom doors stay closed. He hasn't gotten to the TP in a long time, but we're doing our best to make sure it stays that way.


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