Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Designing Modern Quilts - I Am Going to Be Rich and Famous

I m going to link to Nina Marie's Off the Wall post.  go see what a lot of other people are doing creatively this week! I love her birdhouses and lilies piece.  It is amazing.

I have been very interested in watching a friend of mine design modern quilt.  He doesn't make them all, but some he does.  And I have been talking to several of my blogging friends and my art quilting friends, Carrie and my quilting friends about design and design elements.

I have decided to take an online class from Jane Dunnewold about Elements of Composition.  She teaches art at a University in San Antonio (I think it is SA) and is a painter and a quilter and an artist.

That hasn't started yet, but i am getting stoked!

On my own, with encouragement from my Modern Friend of Paragraph 1, I have been playing with several programs today and made this design from one of my photos.

I hope you are mightily impressed........I am!

I was able to create a simple block, and when it went together I could play with it to change the colors and orientation of the blocks.  Bingo.

Loving it!


  1. I love it and you can use those leftover black strips! Your class sounds like a wonderful way to expand you repertoire. I will look forward to hearing about your adventures in design!

  2. Where is your next online class based out of? Curious to look into something like that as well.



  3. Those black strips must have been in your subconscious mind :-) interesting how you take the colors from the photo and make a graphic image - very cool! You Are a modern marvel


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