Monday, June 22, 2015

Long Arm Spa and the Stash Report a Day Late

Whew!  Yesterday was busy.  When Frank had a gout attack he is like an invalid.  No, a needy invalid.

He sits on the sofa with his poor swollen foot propped up and has "requests".  He says, can I have some water?  I get water for him, he want 4 ice cubes rather than 3.  And in "his" glass, one of the coke glasses that came in a set, I had no idea they were his until yesterday.


I hit my 10,000 steps between him and the  dogs by 1 pm. When I put the garbage (which is usually his job) out last night, I broke the kitchen garbage can.  Now I have to go to Bed Bath an Beyond and get a new one. It has a collar that holds the top of the bag and a step that opens the top.  I couldn't get the collar out, ripped the bag, broke the step opener and had trash and bassets all over the kitchen.  It was a mess.  Of course I had to mop the kitchen at 10 pm last night.  Just what I wanted to do.

He is OK, just whiney.  We both will get over it.  I told him that if he asks me for something and I  do it, he needs to just say, thank you.  All the other stuff is counter productive.

My Long Arm went to the Spa on Friday.  She said the flywheel slipped.  So their tech guy will fix that and do a yearly check up and cleaning.  It was excited when I left, much like the dogs going back into the kennels for their "spa" visit when we go on vacation. 

My stash report is late,  but it is good!  I like red!

Used this week -4.75 Used this month -11.5 Used this year -94.75
Bought this week 0 Bought this month 13 Bought this year 67.25
Plus or minus -4.75 Plus or minus 1.5 Plus or minus -27.5

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  1. Sorry to hear about Frank's gout. You are doing great on your stash reduction - much better than me right now!


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