Friday, June 19, 2015

Long Arm

I have an Avante, which I love. 

I bought it at the Houston Quilt Show in 2013 and in November 2014 I should  have taken it in for a rehab and spa day to be tweaked and tuned.  I didn't. 

I am doing a freehand scallop design that is fun an easy.  

So I was 93.% done with my Skele-Biker quilt when the Avante decide it would not be available for quilting until it had the Spa Day I kept promising. 

I am so close.  

Not exactly sure what was happening but it seems the foot is lowered and dragging along the quilt top making  it impossible to move the head around to stitch.

So now it is demanding a Spa Day, 

I need a Spa Day........anyone want to come with me?


  1. How long will your machine be at the spa? The quilt is looking great! I went to a spa once and really didn't enjoy it. I had too much to do to lay around and relax. I know I am weird!

  2. What a bummer! From what I've seen of the biker quilt I it's pretty cool. I like your scallops too. Can you finish it on your home machine since there isn't much left? Depends on how long it will be at the spa.

    I've never been to a spa - always thought I wouldn't like it. I should try it once though. What do you do there?

  3. I love that print! Hope you and your avante got your spa days in.


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