Monday, June 29, 2015

Misty Morning Birthday

Sometimes it is beautiful in the morning here in Louisiana.

This is a photo of the lakes around the LSU Campus early in the morning, by bike.  The birds in the tree are cormorants.

When the cormorants get in the water, they like sink just below the surface.  Cool.  They are cool birds.  They dive.

Today was Carrie's 30th birthday.  I can't believe my baby is 30!  We had dinner of fruit salads and homemade Birthday Peach Pie and Ice Cream celebration desserts.

I gave her 6 bags of organic soil and two pillows for her outside patio furniture. 

Odd, I know.  But she wanted the soil and the pillows were so pretty!

She went home a happy girl!


  1. I'd love outdoor furniture pillows. Organic soil would be nice in a flower pot right beside the newly-comfy furniture. I assume that calling Carrie the baby means all of your children are now in their 30's. We reached that milestone last year and it was pretty hard to believe. It sounds like you all enjoyed her birthday.

  2. Great photo - looks so peaceful. Early morning is the best time if day


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