Friday, June 19, 2015

Off The Wall Friday by Nina Marie at Her Creations Blog

I am linking up to the Off the Wall posts at Nina Marie's blog.  Please  check out the wonderful pieces that are on the blogs that also link to her  blog.

I wanted to present the Chair I did for the Fiber Group this month. The Challenge was Furniture.

I loved it so much that I want to do a whole quilt with chairs. It is just off kilter enough to be charming. 

I admit I had to look on the Internet and found some examples of chairs that were pieced.  I can see that this would be easily done by paper piecing. For  some reason I had problems with the binding corners.  And I do them so well generally, but each one fought me.  Isn't it funny how something can just be great, then boom!  you have a problem?

Other than that, I was pleased with the way it came out and can see ways to tweak it to be different.  

I need to have a nice chair to sit in,  or better yet to bar the door and keep McGee out!  He was so bad this morning.  When I was on the phone with Ann he got up on my computer table and knocked my favorite dog mug down and smashed it to bits on the tile floor.

Not a happy camper, am I.

He is currently outside, looking in with his sad brown eyes.  But I am still
not speaking to him.


  1. he must have climbed up on the chair.

    I can't believe he made it to the top of the computer table. With those paws he'd never be able to type anything. Cole says, sit relax and let the momma take your picture. LeeAnna


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