Sunday, June 7, 2015

Stash Report June 7, 2015

Another Sunday.  Another stash report.

Blueberries were a success.  Frank and Carrie picked two huge bags of blueberries that cost $22 so it must have been like 11 lbs since they were $2 a pound.  We get them fresh at the Farmers Market for $3.00 a pint, but only on Saturday if we go.  And the grocery store has them for $3.49 a pint.  Frank says it is cheaper at the farmer's market because he does not have to drive and pick  them.  But I said the time spent with his daughter was priceless.

And, Oh MY! it was delicious!

Frank and I went to lunch today, as I am feeling better by virtue of the fact I am actually getting hungry.  Do you think I lost weight not caring to eat and not eating much? No.  How does that work, anyway?

I am looking for a program that will allow me to view my photos and rename them.  It doesn't have to be like Photoshop where it edits the photos or anything, I  just want to be able to view them and organize them.  Photoshop requires you import your individual photo.  I want to take the entire file and rename each photo.  Or just view them.

You might be thinking I am avoiding reporting.  Yes, I guess, I am.  I ordered a bolt of white Kona.  And it came in this week.  i get it at a steal through a friend.  And Carrie has come for my white and my grey Kona, in addition to the Ecology Cloth.  I think she likes the Ecology Cloth better though, it is more substantial than Kona, which can be thin.  But if you want colors, you can't beat the Kona!

So there are 13 yards of fabric on a bolt.  And I had 21 yards over last week.  Check out what the damage is:

Used this week 0 Used this month 0 Used this year -76
Bought this week 13 Bought this month 13 Bought this year 67.25
Plus or minus 13 Plus or minus 13 Plus or minus -8.75

I have to begin working on backings and quilting some of my UFOs and getting things moving out!


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Blueberries look fabulous.

  2. You need the Kona in order to use up some of your other fabric so it is a necessity.

  3. So good that you are feeling better! Gosh I love blueberries! I haven't updated my stash report in awhile. I had better do it before my next fabric order comes so I am negative for a bit!


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