Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Day I Stuck To My Desgn Wall ........and a stash report

Pre-Batting Design Wall
After one of the quilt shows, oh, maybe 5 or 6 years ago, they sold the insulation board for cheap.  My friends Tracy and Linda both wanted some but had no way to get it home.  So my gallant husband, to whom I brought keys to in Belle Chasse, loaded up his van and delivered sheets to each of the ladies houses.
Locked and Loaded

He and I put the foam board up on my wall in the Sewing Room.  I had an overabundance of pins so it as not a big deal to pin blocks to the wall.  Recently, at a Modern Guild meeting at Red Stick Quilt Shop, I was helping hold the Show and Tell quilts when the Shop owner said Just put them up on the design wall.  They will stay.

To my absolute and utter amazement it did!  YES!

I had batting just sitting around in the  room with my long arm.  And oddly enough it was the absolute perfect size for the wall.  Hmmmm wonder why that good fortune happened?  There is that gift horse thing, I shrugged. 

Batting on wall
So I enlisted said husband's help and we cleared the design wall putting all the pins away in a new Altoids box.  i have no idea where the rest of the stuff!

I had him put T Pins to anchor the batting to the top edge of the foam board.  And I sprayed Elmer's adhesive on the foam board, smoothing the batting down over the wall.  It stayed workable allowing us to reposition if we had any ripples in the batting.

About half way down, working in close quarters with two bassets, a small ladder and Frank, I obviously touched the recently sprayed foam board and glued the better part of my hair to the wall.
Locked and Loaded on wall

But you think that was the worst part of the experience?  Not so.

The batting that was so perfect in size and so easily available?  It belongs to the House quilt that is next up on the long arm.  Oh well.

My hair mostly survived, there seems to be significant amounts of it still on the wall.  And it hurt while Frank was pulling it off.  I think if he was not laughing so hard it might have been easier.

Stash report is simple...... Skele-Biker and the Cotton Robin finish.  More this week if I can get a couple on the long arm and count some finishes!

Used this week -6.75 Used this month -6.75 Used this year -82.75
Bought this week 0 Bought this month 13 Bought this year 67.25
Plus or minus -6.75 Plus or minus 6.25 Plus or minus -15.5


  1. Green with envy at the size of your design wall. Red faced and laughing about the stuck hair ball.

  2. Having a design wall is fabulous! Your hair stuck to it; well you are definitely suffering for your art!

  3. Love your plus quilt. Is it all 2.5" strips? I have bought a few plus quilt patterns recently.

    Frank is nicer than me. There'd be photographic evidence and Public showing of the hair stuck to the!

  4. A great story and a fabulous design board!

  5. Cheers -- hopefully hair will grow back without too much angst on your part. Thanks for the laugh. I like that plus quilt.

  6. What a funny experience! You'll love your new design wall. I don't have access to anything big enough to carry the foam board to my rented a Home Depot truck. My DH helped me out too, aren't they special =^.^=. I have black batting first and neutral on top. If I need a dark wall I just roll up the neutral. Sandi

  7. At least it all worked and your sacrifice was well worth it.

  8. Thanks to you and Frank for delivering the design wall to me. It makes such a difference and I love it!


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