Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Next Quilt

I will have you know that I went to a quilt shop with Paula today AND they had a 30% off of everything sale AND a whole huge table of 50% off fabric AND I didn't buy a single thing!  I need a HUGE prize for that.......maybe some fabric?

Yes, I am always looking toward the NEXT quilt.  Frank wondered once (and only once) just how many quilts one house can have.  He won't do THAT again, at least not out loud.
Just one bookcase

Because I am quick witted enough to come back with, just how many movies/books/nuts and bolts/ladders/drills can one many have?

Did you know we actually have 4 power drills, a huge drill press and two hand drills.  Right.  So if you need a hole drilled you know where to come.

Anyway.....the next quilt, like I said. 

I am hoping tomorrow (Saturday) that we can move my long arm back into place.  It has been out of place since after the Film Guy did his thing.  I can still use it, but it is a tight squeeze, and based upon the donuts I had this morning for breakfast, maybe even tighter now.  If I can get that back in place I have 5 quilts waiting to be quilted.

Actually I have like 34,768 quilt tops to be quilted, but only 5 have backs and are ready to go.  Three may already have homes, we shall see if any of those people tick me off in the next few months.  So if you know me, and you think you may be getting a quilt from me in the near future, be very, very nice to me!

The next quilt is a Plus quilt.  I have been wanting for a long long time to do a Plus quilt.  And I found a great looking one on the internet, and I set it up in EQ.  Don't worry, it was in the Moda Free Quilt Patterns section!  I am not stealing anyone's pattern.  Although plus blocks are pretty easy to do.  They are basically 9 patches.

I was elated!  I finally found a use for the thousands upon thousands of 2 1/2 inch squares I meticulously cut and placed in a plastic container and labeled "2 1/2 Squares".  Yes!

I counted 31 groups of 5 alike squares and 32 single interesting squares to make the off blocks.  Know what?

The box looked almost exactly like it did before I took those 192 squares out of it.  I was no longer elated.  Square-ness won.  I realized I would need to make  like 37 of these quilts to clear out just a quarter of the box. is a darn good thing I didn't buy anything today......although I am still lusting after some of it.  Yeah, I definitely deserve a prize.


  1. Yeah I fell off the wagon big time. It all started out innocently enough. I went looking for WOWs and other neutrals. I found lots and lots and bought lots. Then I decided I needed BOBs and found some of that. But then there was this beautiful orange batik that I tried to walk away from. Yep I walked away, circled the store and went back and got it. There may have been a little visit to an estate sale in here somewhere too. Oy! Why??? Well, why NOT? Four little buckets of beauties. I think I ended up with only one or two pieces that I'm not sure I'll use. Not too bad for what I paid. So I'm back to sewing up as many tops as I can!

    Good luck with all your quilting goals!

  2. I love your blog. I got some good gafaws and a couple of LOLs. You are fun to read.

  3. I am afraid an alien has taken over your mind. Are you ok? Really? 50% off! Not even a half yard cut?

    I'll never understand the whole movie library thing. Must be a guy thing

  4. still laughing... husband laughing too... He said Frank knows just what to get for your prize... A DRILL! Perfect gift! Wrapped in a yard of batik. LeeAnna

  5. Wow that is some real will power not to buy anything when it was all on sale! I really like this new quilt. I tried to use up a bunch of scraps for the family xmas quilt several years ago. I cut 3" strips and sewed those to white 3" strips to make blocks for a zig zag quilt. I went thru piles and piles of fabric and like you, it didn't look like I even touch the pile of scraps! Glory, I need to quilt buying fabric!


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