Friday, June 12, 2015

Week 24 - Snapshots of Life is Comfort - Rusty Things and Skele-Biking

Week 24 already.  I feel like I am always just tryingto catch up!

This week is comfort.  Chloe the Smelly Basset likes to be the center of attention from time to time. 
She will be outside, sunning in the hot hot Louisiana sun on the hot, hot concrete patio and decide she wants to come inside.......maybe.........if you ask her nicely.  And open the door wide enough.

She is not fat by any means, Bassets are built differently though.  Long.  But her idea of her own self is wide rather than long.  She will stick  her tail out coming through the door but she wants the door WIDE open! 

And she barks at the Roomba.  It does seem to bother her a lot.  It will circle back toward her every time she moves out of its way.  I would swear the thing is sentient.  It doesn't do that to the Basset Boyz.  Really.

I tell her it is a First World Problem.  I won't even talk about her housemates who are currently sleeping on my sofas.

I have been reading up on EcoPrinting using plants from several authors.  If you go to Quilting Arts you will see one of the articles that excites me.  I contacted the author, which I don't have her name at the moment, and she told me how she makes her iron solution.  So I have some of the concoction brewing. 

Rusty things and distilled white vinegar.  Got it. You know I do!

Here is the progress on the current quilt.  Frank seems to love it.  He comes in several times a day and rearranges the squares.  I need some dark in that bottom corner, so when he does that I can sew it together.

If you can see it, one block consists of 4 squares and two lines that cross. 

Eh, not sure if I really like it, but it will be a great quilt.

No borders, just a back.  I have not counted anything yet, let's see what I get done this weekend before I have to count it.


  1. LOL she hates the Roomba! Kilo I'm sure would too.

  2. I like your quilt just as it is!

  3. Oh my gosh! Another Basset Hound here in the bayou! Where are you located? There are so few Bassets Hounds around here! It is great to find you. My Bentley loves to go absorb major sunshine, then come inside and cool down under the ceiling fan. How can they take this Louisiana heat??

  4. How cute :) I love Basset Hounds, I had one when I was very young.

  5. oooh the dreaded roomba. Cole knows that story. When we brought one home Cole was sure we had another pet except it was loud and fell down the stairs. Yep, they aren't supposed to do that, but ours did. When I got stuck it made a sound like helpme helpme helpme. Cole said, it's that or me or I want to go outside while it plays. Actually Drew followed it around for hours trying to figure out the way it worked, engineers! LeeAnna

  6. Roomba's seem kinda creepy. I've never had one. But I've seen some really funny videos of cats riding them. btw I got a chuckle out of the names from NCIS and 24 (we are big NCIS fans).


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