Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Walmart has an asterisk!
Yesterday I cut out the white for two more asterisk blocks.  the white I am using was purchased from Mia's Quilt Shop in Walker LA, oh, about two years ago.  She had a nice sale and I bought much.

By the register there was a couple bolts of very wrinkled white fabric.  They were sitting by her front window during a bad storm and the window leaked!  She took them home, washed them and re-wrapped them on new bolt card boards.  She sold them to me for cheap! 

This is the last of the whites and it is a white on white pattern that you barely see.  It is the background for the asterisks.  Since I am getting kinda close to the end of the bolt, I am  thinking that I may have to switch the coloration of the block and make the larger part the color the month and the asterisk itself using the white.

I will have to do some planning for it to lay out in a pleasing pattern.  Enter EQ!

I have not gotten much done at all.   Frank is in the middle of the second gout attack in three weeks.  When he is between attacks he takes baking soda and water daily and can avoid the crystallization accumulating in his toe.  But when he stops the drink daily, wham it hits him!

 So we hit the doctor today, who gave him the same meds and the same warnings. 

What set it off?  He rarely, if ever, drinks alcohol.  He is not overweight and we eat a lot of veggies over meat on a regular basis.  But on Friday, we went to the Blue's House downtown.  I ordered a beer and as an afterthought, he asked for one, too. 

It had to be the thing that set off the gout again.

Poor guy, can't even have a beer once a year!  That's OK, more for me!  LOL

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  1. Sending Frank feel better wishes - poor guy can't even have a beer. I don't know anything about gout but it sounds bad


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