Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Frustrated By Asterisks

Yesterday I cut out the white for two asterisks.  What was I thinking?

It is paperpieced and I cut the white pieces not only backwards but just the size  of the piece.  Anyone who paperpieces will tell you that yo need to cut the pieces larger than the size you need!

So I struggled with two sections of the two blocks before it hit me what I did.  Remember I have limited amounts of that white on white left.


So I need to make a plan like I said yesterday.

Maybe this.....maybe not, maybe needing more thought.


  1. Sorry to hear about Frank's gout issues again. I am sure you will figure out a solution to the white on white problem. Maybe you will have to sew scraps together to make bigger pieces. With all the seams you might not see the extra seams anyway.

  2. What about mixing your WOW with one or two others - lets the light reflect off each one a little differently AND solves your "not enough fabric" issue . . .

  3. Dare I suggest it? it might be easier (and a whole lot more fun) to improvisational piece those asterisks and you could probably use those cut white pieces. When I ran out of the white on white I used for my big Mod-Mod sampler last year, I added another WOW that was completely different for the wide borders. I don't think anyone but me (and possibly the long-arm quilter) noticed. I would look for another white on white that matches color-wise so you can stop stressing about running out of your limited amount.

  4. What Julie and Sophie said. Just use a different WOW. Or do like I do. Use a zillion of them, and at random. It makes for a much more interesting block, and interesting surface. The light affects them all differently and the result is terrific.

  5. I do what Millie said. I run out EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Never fails. Now I just buy different shades of white and use 'em all. Saves headaches, and everyone thinks it's part of my improvisational style. It's really just part of my goofy, can't-do-math style. Of course, you've made lots of asterisks already with one white, so there's that. I'd try to squeeze more white out of the bit you do have to finish the asterisks in all the same white. OR go buy some more white to match what you have. Surely there's a quilt shop somewhere!


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