Friday, July 24, 2015

Metal Working

I am so excited!  I will be swamped this weekend but with all good stuff.

Jason and Carrie and their 5 boys (remember ALL those quilts?) are in town and we will get together at Carrie's on Sunday afternoon for my famous ribs.  I am cooking 8 racks of ribs for dinner.  

We will have Jason's wonderful mom, Diana and her husband Rodney (who has the Cajun Band we will be seeing on Tuesday night with the gang) and Carrie's in-laws Fayne and Bobby. 


I also have a metal working seminar all day both Saturday AND Sunday.   So I will be very busy in there during the day.  I guess I am going to have to hop out early Sunday afternoon and get stuff out to Carrie's for the dinner.  I am going to cook the ribs but Andrew will finish them off on the grill right before eating.

At least I don't have to clean my house!  Carrie was supposed to call me on Thursday to let me know what else I needed to do, but she didn't so she is on her own now.  I can't do any more at this point.

I will take wonderful photos for you to see the amazing things we do.  The class is through CFAL (Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana) (of which I am a member).  The instructor's name is Mary
Hettsmansperger and her work can be found at: 

Well, she really doesn't have a website, per se.  But she does have a book. Or three.

Amazing stuff, really.  I am excited, like I said.  

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  1. I looked at her work and wow! I can't wait to see what you do - enjoy


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