Friday, July 3, 2015

Nina Marie Got Me Thinking

In her Off The Wall Friday post she talks about rejection.  Rejection when your quilt doesn't make it into the show.  Or just the rejection you get from yourself.  I love her solution to being rejected.  Take the power in your own hands, don't leave it to others.

It hit me that, well, of course I do all that to myself and let others close to me do it as well.  Just like all of us, I think it is human nature to question ourselves and let ourselves be questioned.  Just then, McGee trotted by with another piece of fabric.

He is the original persevering icon.  If we needed a  poster boy for Perseverance, he would be it.

He tried to get into the pantry and we put a child lock on it.  He didn't mind, once he decided he no longer could get into the pantry, he tried the drawer with the pots in it.  I bungied the drawer to the top drawer, and he moved to the cabinet that held the dog treats.  I rubber banded the handles together, and he moved to another cabinet. 

This went on for two years.  Each time he got a little win before I shut him down.  He never got discouraged.  He never was unhappy.  He never tried to leave. 

He just looked around, hiked up his ears, and adjusted.

What a great lesson for those of us who face rejection.  However hard it might be. 

And how we go forward, how we think of ourselves, how we look at our world is totally impacted by how we deal with the rejection we receive in both life and quilting.


  1. Terrific post - love McGee's attitude. Kind of like Dorie - just keep swimming . . .

  2. Absolutely agree! When get kicked down we have to jump up and say "oh not I - I will survive"
    I now you were singing this when Avante was gone :-) lol!

  3. I love how you wove McGee's perseverance into this beautiful lesson that we all can relate to about rejection and continuing to move forward Terrific post!


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