Sunday, July 5, 2015

Nudging Up Against 100 Yards

This week was a slow week,  but I made some zip pouches, put hanging sleeves on 3 quilts for the show in August and did the final border on my Modern Robin piece for Monday.

Used this week -4.25 Used this month -16.25 Used this year -99.5
Bought this week 0 Bought this month 13 Bought this year 67.25
Plus or minus -4.25 Plus or minus -3.25 Plus or minus -32.25

I was disappointed to see myself so close to using 100 yards and just bumping up to it.   I am SURE I will make the milestone next week though!


  1. 99 is so close. I have been using fabric for purses, pouches, steno covers, table runners, and tush cushes. I just don't know how much. Dee quilted my Grand Illusion and I am binding it to sell at the quilt show Saturday. I hope someone is willing to give it a home for the price I want b/c Renee' asked for it if it doesn't sell. LOL

  2. Great stash numbers. You are well ahead of me for the year.

  3. You have done a great job on your stash! After I get the binding on the teal and purple quilt I will be at -61.

  4. using more than you buy.... what a concept.

  5. I'm with LeeAnna - I've never heard of such a thing - using ore than you buy? Whaaaaaat?


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