Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tusday Sewing At the Water's Edge

  1.  I  was at Paula's today doing some sewing on my REME Guild's Black and White Challenge.  I plan on winning this one!  I have been perusing books and the internet and Pinterest to find the most perfect idea for this challenge.  And I found it.
  2. I have no idea why all of a sudden I have numbers appearing on my blog post.  Maybe that is the most amazing thing of today.  Yes, it is. Hmmm.
  3. And I can't get the numbers to stop, so dear readers, adjust like I am.
  5. Boy this is annoying.
  7.  Anyway.  My sewing is going to be unavailable for photos until the challenge is over.  I can't show my amazing idea lest someone else use it and I don't win.  Names are everything, you know.
  8. I did do another asterisk yesterday.  After I went out and bought another rotary cutter.
  10. And I made another block for the Charity quilt for the Church that lets us use their room for our Similar to Bonnie Hunter Club.   Or whatever the name of it is.
  11.  I have a quilt meeting tonight 
  12. It is so hot here.  We finally got some rain yesterday.  And we had a 5 minute drizzle about 20 mintes ago.  It just served to make it humid and hot now.
  14. The book I am listening to is At The Water's Edge (Click to see it) by Sara Gruen who wrote Like Water For Elephants.  It is about the son of the man who took the photo of the Loch Ness Monster.  People believe he faked it, so his son is trying to prove the existence

    of the monster.  It is set in the middle of the war in Europe and they have arii raids and rationing.  It is interesting to listen to all the accents of the Highland people.  
  18.  You will also have to adjust to the photos being where they are since 
  19. Blogger won't let me move them where I want. 


  1. Blogger can be annoying but it's free so I deal with it. You must have hit the bullet list button somehow

  2. Like Water for Elephants was a great book on tape which makes me think I might like this one .... Will check it out.

    Can't wait to see your brilliant challenge idea, whenever that can happen.

  3. "And I can't get the numbers to stop, so dear readers, adjust like I am.

    Boy this is annoying."

    I am still giggling. I agree, you probably are clicking in places you should not be. It's funny to get your stream of consciousness thoughts, and I hope you forgive me for laughing. I am fairly sure they are sympathy giggles, though, since I have my own struggles with Blogger. I try to walk away (read go to Pinterest) for a minute. Sometimes I don't come back for a long while.

  4. When you create the post there is a button at the top that lets you create a numerical list. I bet you could edit the post, select the whole thing and hit that button to turn it off.

  5. Fifth button from the right....

  6. I like your new cutter. I have a Fiskar's cutter, but I found it takes different blades than the Olfa cutters.

  7. As Lynne puts it, Adapt, Adjust, and Overcome!

  8. Blogger is pretty appalling at layout! Moves things on me the whole time even when I think I have them placed correctly!


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