Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What I Am Working On Now?

In one of my guilds there is a challenge to  make a quilt using black and white and one other color.  The other color has to be of a single piece of fabric rather than scrappys of various tones of that color. 

For 4 months I have been collecting ideas and choosing one over the other and changing my mind.  I really need to make this one a winner.  I finally settled on one quilt.

Yesterday at Paula's I cut out most of the pieces.  I ran of of white.  I have another bolt so I can finish that today.

Now, if I can only sew straight lines! 

No photos for a while!  At least on this project.  It will be a Secret Project.

Clandestine Quilt.  Hidden HSTs.  Spectacular Sewing.  And, OY, those straight lines.........


 What are YOU working on?


  1. This week I'm packing to move. Most of it is done already, but the sewing room needs some TLC and the kitchen needs major interest. We're moving to WI so it's a nearly 2000 mile trip. Some hand sewing on my Drunkard's Path (Love Ring arrangement) will be the only pieces left out to work on during that time. EEK!

  2. Going camping with no electricity so packed a bunch of hand sewing to do. Have a turned under appliqué project with 86 pieces . And yes I am out of my mind

  3. I have a couple of projects waiting but I took in a customer memory quilt and have a deadline, so guess what is the next project for me....

    What's with sewing straight lines that has you sounding scared. Come help me teach easy curves and circle at our guild retreat. Now that has me scared! I keep telling myself to practice, but I'm not listening. (Very much like exercising!)

  4. I need to get the binding on the teal and purple quilt, some embroidery on the heavy metal/rock t-shirt quilt. and a baby quilt for starters. Fitting in watching the TDF, two gigs this week with the band, and getting my steps in is making for a busy time to try and get any sewing done. I can't wait to see your new secret project !


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