Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Water Day

 We have had a nice water day today.

First - There was an event at my friend Dale's shop, the Backpacker where you could try out several kayaks in the LSU Lakes.  We headed out early but it was still blazing hot in the sun.  However, under the Cypress trees that lined the lake it was actually cool!  We tried several styles and decided we liked this one.

We recently sold our canoe and were looking for a lighter alternative.  I am surprised at the weight of the kayaks, and the price!

The one we liked is a Sit In Recreational Kayak by Mountaineer.  Look at that seat back!  My canoe was so comfortable we didn't need one.   It was nice to be able to lean back in this one though.

I was chuckling  about Frank's finger in these shots..........yes, it was funny.  I am glad it wasn't in ALL the photos.  But he does frame me nicely in the right one! 

I don't have any pictures of Frank because I was on the phone to Paula at the time.  Checking on her.  She's fine.

Second - I bought a water fountain for the dogs to drink out of.

Two of them tested it out and were unimpressed.  McGee, on the other hand, refused to even look at it.

It came from Amazon through the Amazon Smiles program.  You can buy something and they will donate a percentage of it to CAAWS at no cost to you.  Win - Win!  Go do that for me next time you buy something on Amazon.

Those people on the box are so happy their cat is drinking out of her fountain!

 It came in pieces and with advice to clean it every two weeks.  I guess I need to put it on my calendar!

Chloe was suspicious about this odd thing that just appeared in the kitchen.  She was cautious but she did taste the water and finally drank from the bowl part. 

DiNozzo drank because I told him to.  He is such a good dog.

McGee was not interested and wanted nothing to do with the new bowl.  

I think they will like the freshness of the water.  Now I have to fill the bowl fresh for each dog each time they drink. 

This will be better..........I think.


  1. Pardon my language. Ray would call McGee a shit

  2. Oh, how much for a kayak these days? Looks fun.

  3. You look good in the kayak. Is there a place nearby to use it? I love early mornings on the water. So peaceful - and cooler too. I didn't know about the smiles thing. Great idea , is it easy to do?

  4. I bet it was beautiful on the water this morning. I thought Frank's finger was a shadow....I'm so used to seeing fingers I don't even question it. You do look good in the kayak. A little sassy but we'll forgive you that since I'm guessing Frank took a minute. I like that water bowl. Our problem is that Cotton MUST mark everything. (I've seen him pee in his food bowl!) I wash the bowls with dish detergent, so the water will be clean and fresh, but he doesn't seem to appreciate it much. He has a stubborn streak, too.

  5. You are looking good in that kayak!

  6. Your dogs' experience with the pet fountain reminds me of how different dogs and cats are. Cats love running water and love those pet fountains; dogs could care less and are suspicious. They really do keep the water nice and fresh. this oneis the one we're using now.


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