Sunday, August 2, 2015

Blueberries and Spools

Yesterday I worked on quilting the Modern Robin piece and my Foxes.  Did you see my Dr. Seuss verse for the Foxes last post?

I did the 5 reds for the July color. The color of August is Indigo.  Well, I have so many blues I thought I would add to the warm side of the color wheel rather than the cool side.  So in that vein, I made a few orange and a yellow.

And I need to trim the Spools Quilt and prepare it for binding.  I won the spool blocks in the Block Lotto at River City Quilt Guild a number of years back.  

We finally got to the Farmer's Market where I scored a ton of blueberries and the eggs I have been devoid of for more than a week now. 

This morning I took 6 pints of blueberries and made blueberry syrup.  This really is better done in the winter but the blueberries are better done in the summer!  I had two jars not seal so I cleaned off the tops of the jars and re-processed them in the water bath.  They both sealed.

So now I have 11 jars - 6 small and 5 large ones.  We like to put it on pancakes and over pound cake at night for late night desserts.

Since I control the sugar that goes into it, it is healthier and of course there are all those blue beauties in there too!

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