Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Work

I had a good morning over to Paula's Quilt Haus, as they say in New Orleans.  I got the White Baby Scraps (it really needs a better name than that!) trimmed up and ready for binding to be put on.  It will be even more spectacular when I wash it and the lines come out (as in disappear)!

And I got my Swissy Raffle Quilt squared up and ready for a back to be made.

And I had the Neighborhood Quilt out to add windows but realized it needed to add fusible to the black fabric before I sew on the windows. I bet you don't remember that one.  I will have a photo of it to show you in a minute.......maybe.

I put it together 2 years ago maybe, at River City Retreat. My how time flies, it was 2010. 

I know, I know.   In some of the Garden blocks you might interpret a swastika.  Believe me, I did not create any insidious coded messages in my quilts.  One person at the retreat was aghast that those symbols were in there and I was not willing to take the entire quilt apart and remake the blocks.  I figure that if you are that upset about a quilt block, then you just need to get over it. 

In person you really don't see them as clearly as you see them with the flash that highlights any random WWII German symbols. 

Other than that, I really like the quilt.  It was architectural, fun and will be a really nice quilt when I finish with the windows and the quilting. 

Stay tuned, liebchen!


  1. I designed a quilt project. Cut, sewed, then stood back to have a look at it. Swastikas! Since it was made to show off a company's new fabric line I thought I'd better go for something less offensive, just in case. Otherwise I quite liked the project.

  2. I know she can get over it, but it would also look more garden like the name, if you appliqued a little fused flower in the centers. LeeAnna

  3. My quilt group made a queen-sized black and white and aqua quilt with 12 inch blocks. Lots of fabrics, lots of variety. One participant made the disappearing nine-patch block and with the contrast in values between the blacks and whites, it looked like a swastika. We left it and another person quilted it and put it up for sale at a local quilt auction/sale. It didn't sell because that's all people could see, even it was only one block in the corner. Then another person quietly took out the quilt stitches, removed the block, and replaced it with something else. We put it in another quilt aucton and it raised $2,200. I'm not telling you what to do, and you're probably right that in real life it isn't pronounced, but this was our experience.

  4. I didn't notice swasticas until you mentioned it. I like Leeana's idea about the flower or anything really to break up the lines. Or you could just call it Bergholf and get people really going :-)
    Auf Wiedersehen'

  5. Honestly, there's only one row that is a problem....the second from the bottom. But like everyone else, I say do what works for you. If you find there's a problem because too many people see swastikas, add an applique or two so that the lines become rows in the garden. I love the house blocks, though. They really are interesting. I found myself looking for repeating houses or patterns. It appears that each one is a new design, which means lots more work but also lots more interest!


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