Friday, August 14, 2015

Long Arm Quilting

I am doing some long arm quilting just because Swooze is getting ready to take delivery of her new machine.  And I was talking with Paula yesterday about some of the quilting I did at QuiltCon in February.  I have been wanting to work on the concepts from the workshop with Krista Withers.

I love that girl  She is an amazing quilter, she quilted the quilt that won Best Machine Quilting at QuiltCon. 

So a few months ago I created a quilt with a lot of negative space to play within.  When I was at Paula's yesterday I took advantage of her huge table to draw out the quilting path.  I set it up, with my Red Snappers locked in place it took no time at all.

And yesterday I worked on the top part of the quilt. 

Easy Peasy!  Why was I concerned about ruining something?

Suzette, you and I need to talk once you get comfortable with your machine and want to do some fabulous quilting!


  1. Stand back Angela Walters - there's a new modern quilter in town! Looks fabulous- I love white on white quilting :-)

  2. Looking good! It is such an interesting way to approach machine quilting.

  3. pretty cool designs and thread work!

  4. I have (and like) the Red Snappers. They are so much faster. I did have to buy a pair of rubber handled pliers to put them on, though. My hands are weak from (I don't want to say it) age and probably arthritis. The pliers definitely help.

    Loving that straight line quilting! Soon you won't feel the need to draw it all out. I took a Craftsy class with Angela Walters that is fantastic for getting to that stage. Of course, I can't draw a flip so I had to raw-hide it anyway. :-)


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