Thursday, August 27, 2015

MassDrop Order

This morning, I am having a root canal in a botched root canal from 5 years ago.  

So to make myself feel better (and reward my courage for driving across town) I just ordered some fabulous solid fat quarters from MassDrop.  I am always amazed at the prices I have seen, I guess guaranteeing a minimum order is what helps with the price.

From MassDrop site

For example, these Cirrus Solids are anywhere from $12.50 to $13.25 on the various places I generally by online.  The MassDrop price is $2.31 per FQ or $9.25 per yard.  That is like getting a whole FQ for free for every 2 you buy.

I know several people who  have done a significant amount of orders from MassDrop, and several who follow this blog.  In fact, it was on Sophie and Patty's recommendation that I joined in at QuiltCon!

My last order was the Skele-Biker material, remember that?

I need to finish that last 9  inches and get it bound for a finish!


  1. I wish you luck with the root canal. Stay healthy. See you sometimes in September.

  2. My dentist has told me I need a root canal on a back molar, but I am a complete chicken! I haven't had any problems with the tooth so I am letting it ride! Yes, I do love the biking skeleton fabric. I had to buy some in the cream. Yahoo! on almost another finish!

  3. One word ( well 2) Nitrous oxide! It has gotten me thru many root canals. Also bring your iPod or phone for music or a book or podcasts and crank it up.

    I've heard of mass drop but will check it out on your recommendation- how is the shipping handled there? If it's free I'm in!


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