Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Morning Plans

We had dinner (tamales!) with Carrie and her In-Laws on Saturday night.  I am so glad Carrie has a great relationship with Fayne.  I was so hated by Frank's mother and father, and she barraged Frank with such negative thoughts about me constantly.  It is something that affected my entire life.  It seemed like there was never anyone in my corner.

I ate too much and definitely went off my diet!

So I need to find some veggie recipes for the week.  He insists on eating some sort of meat at lunch so I am working to find less meat/fish/beans in our night meal.  

I am working kitting some things to take with me to Retreat in a few weeks.  Here are the things I need in the next months:

1.  Raffle Quilt for Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Rescue (It will be a bright one)
2.  REME October Challenge (Black and White and a Color)
3.  River City February Challenge (Secondary Patter
4.  A buttload of Quilts that need to be quilted!

The Swissy Raffle quilt has a linen tea towel with a Saint Bernard on it.  It has the Swiss Cross and I was thinking at first to make a quilt with the crosses, like the Locked and Loaded one.  I really don't have a choice of colors in there.  I wonder who was on drugs when they made this tea towel!

Can you see that lower right corner?  That is the "pattern" I will generally follow.  I think it will be a spectacular quilt actually.  And the colors may be fantastic.  Here is another example of working outside your box.  These colors are definitely NOT in my box.

I was choosing some fabrics for the Swissy Raffle Quilt for the Rescue Organization.  Pat Saxon put out call for donations.  Swissy Rescue has rehomed 9 of 13 dogs pulled from homes across the US this year.  Nearly twice as many as they have in past years.  This is where you see the difference between a good breeder and a not so good breeder.  A good breeder will take their puppy from an owner at any stage in that dog's life.  A good breeder will make sure the pups they produce always have a good home and are willing to step up.

If you are not willing to do this, DO NOT BREED!  There are so many dogs out there, find your chosen breed and work to get all dogs into good homes. 

I want organizations like CAAWS to no longer be needed!

I have my Jane Dunnewold Class I need to work on as well.  It is frustrating because my computer does not like to show videos and it gets stuck on one photo while she describes the topic of the week on 15 others.  I have pretty much forsaken the class because I am tired of fighting it for an hour or two.

This computer has failed miserably in what it was supposed to do for me.  I wanted one that be for editing photos and creating slideshows and showcasing the quilt work.   But I fight this one.

And then there is the keypad that is finicky and randomly chooses a letter to not work every day or two.

And I spent so much money on it I have to keep it till it dies.........can you say accidental death?

Yeah.  Accidental.


  1. The computers "accidental death" sounds like a theme for your next quilt. Death by falling off a table, death by falling in the bathtub, death by being run over by the car, death by falling off the car roof, death by an electrical surge ... well you get the idea. Oh one more - death by being eaten by McGee!

  2. Lol at Patty's comment. Poor McGee gets such a hard time. But really, death to the computer!

    That quilt on the design wall is beautiful. I love the colors and design. It would be such fun to make and quilt.


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