Thursday, August 20, 2015

Progress on the Swissy Raffle Quilt

Look at the dirt on the ear 3 hours after a bath
Whew!  I had a busy most of the day!  Up early, I took Chloe and McGee to the vet for baths.  I picked up a prescription for nasal spray from the doctor's office and hand carried it to the pharmacy since the phones were out at the pharmacy.  When I got home, DiNozzo was so lonely.  He walked from room to room and all over the back yard looking for everybody.  So he and I hopped into the CR-V and headed to PetsMart to do some Doggy Grocery Shopping.

After that, Paula called inquiring if I wanted to try some Middle East for lunch......duh, yeah!

Then I had to Human Grocery Shop and retrieve the two clean dogs.  Chloe the Smelly Basset is smelly no more!

When I got home, Frank was already home!  I swear I could never have an affair with his odd and unpredictable schedule!

Without extra borders
He went out to replace the pump in the fountain.  I stayed long enough to make sure he didn't electrocute himself, and then headed to the Quilt Room to work on the Swissy Quilt.  (Poor guy, he couldn't get it to work.........RAY!!!)

Of course everything we do is overseen by bassets.  I had to keep taking tools out of McGee's mouth as he wanted to work on his own project.  No doubt dismantling the gate to my sewing room.

I  tested various bits and pieces in various places and sets and ended up with a layout I found pleasing.

I spent most of the afternoon working on sewing the pieces together.  I am loving it!  Really loving it.
with paw print border

Without the paw print border it is 48 x 60.  A really nice size for a raffle quilt.

I have 1/2 yard of the paw print fabric which would make the borders about 4 inches I am thinking.  Maybe 3 inches

.  It would be ineffective as a binding and I would rather save it for another quilt.

So what do you think?  Is 48 x 60 good?

I am going to hook up with Nina Marie at Off The Wall Friday and see if I can get some opinions on the border.  Feel free to jump in with suggestions!


  1. I would leave it as is, without the paw print. I feel like the paw print is incongruous with the modern sophisticated look of the quilt and the other fabric.

  2. I like it better without the paw print. Size wise it is perfect for a lap quilt. If you were to put another border on it, I would go with the reds you used and break them up in a couple of different places with some of the blue and green again.

  3. I personally don't like the addition of the paw print fabric, but that said you are making the quilt for an audience that may love the addition of the paw prints. Know your "customer".

  4. What happened to the crosses? The quilt still looks good though but I miss the Swiss crosses . I have to agree with the other commenters about the no paws clause and the size is just right. But I would put some paws on the back. Us doggie people need ours paws after all

  5. well, there's always one - but I like the paw print border !!! Centers the quilt for me !!! Heck, it's just great either way, you know!

  6. I'm not crazy about the paw print fabric either. It's a novelty in comparison to the other fabrics and to me it just doesn't feel right. But like everyone else, I say ask around before deciding.

  7. One more vote for leaving it as is, without the borders. It looks really good.


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