Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Swissy Raffle Quilt

My progress on the Swissy Raffle Quilt is great.

At this point in most of my improv quilts I am not happy, but this one is different.  I am forcing myself to just let it go.

I am really linking it at this point.  But not that piece on  the bottom.  Maybe for the back.

See those plus signs?  They are representative of the Swiss Cross which is an important part of the breed.  The most highly prized chests show a Swiss Cross.

Here is my sweet Pepsi, who had one of the best Swiss Crosses I have ever seen.  That photo was taken for a newspaper piece on my Obedience 101 Dog Training in 1995 or 1996.  It is one of my favorite photos.

Dutch and Bonnie Doon, not so much! 


  1. If a swissy ever comes available in my area would you let me know?

  2. The quilt is coming along nicely! What pretty dogs!

  3. The Swiss crosses are perfect for a swissy quilt- such a regal breed.


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