Saturday, August 22, 2015

Swissy Raffle Quilt

Thank you to all who commented privaetly and on the blog abot the border fabric.  I think to really do a good 6 inch  border I would need more fabric.  I just love the dolor with the rest of the quilt, which is why it was in the pile to begin with.

I decided since I didn't put it inside the quilt, that meant it probably didn't really go with the quilt.  Like Sophie said, it was incongruous.  A perfect word, indeed!

I need to finish the quilt on the frame, that mass of modern quilting.  I am fighinting with the tension on the Handiquilter.  I get it perfect and I get skipped stitches.  I change the stitch tension tighter or looser. I change the bobbin tension tighter or looser.  I changed the thread, the bobbin, rewound a bobbin.  Loosened the quilt on the frame, tightened it up.

 I keep getting skipped stitches.

So Margaret is coming to see if she can set the tension tomorrow after she leaves her momma's house.

It is frustrating  but it is so wonderful to have a dealer who really is ready to help. 

And look.  It rained.  A lot.  I had moved my Stevia in closer to get the shade because i was having to water it twice a day.  Now look at it.

Feast or famine!

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